Weather Policy

Sterling Inflatables LLC closely monitors the weather on a daily basis. If we feel that it is unsafe to deliver your inflatable due to inclement weather forecasted, current adverse weather conditions or previous weather that could potentially make setting up and using an inflatable dangerous we reserve the right to cancel your reservation. In this situation Sterling Inflatables will refund you 100% of your payment or work with you to arrange an alternative day for the rental.

Please note that if wind speeds are in excess of 20mph on the day of rental we will not be able to setup the equipment on the grounds of safety.

Refund Policy

  • If the order is cancelled at least 2 weeks prior to the reservation date - $0 Cancellation Fee
  • If the order is cancelled within 2 weeks of the reservation date - $50 Cancellation Fee

The fees will be deducted from the original online transaction and the remaining balance will be credited back to your original payment choice.

If the reservation is cancelled by Sterling Inflatables due to inclement weather you will be offered a full refund or the option to select a different date for the rental.

Safety Policy

  • Adult supervision is required at all times.
  • Do not deflate the unit with children inside.
  • Units should NOT be used in inclement weather including winds exceeding 20mph or rain and thunderstorms. If such weather occurs, units should be immediately evacuated and the blower turned off.
  • The weight and participant capacity for the inflatable is listed on the unit and our website. It should be strictly followed.
  • All participants must remove shoes, jewelry, keys, eyeglasses, and any other loose or sharp objects before entering the bounce house.
  • No food, drinks, gum, silly string, confetti or smoking is allowed in or near the units.
  • To avoid neck, back, and other bodily injuries - no wrestling, flips, or rough housing is permitted in, on or from units. Participants should not jump from platforms onto the sliding areas, climb the netting or roofs or bounce against the sides or near the doorway of the units.
  • Anyone with neck, back, or any muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities, pregnant women and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls, bumps, or bouncing are not permitted in the units at any time.
  • Do not allow older children to jump with younger children. Children of the same age/size should only use the inflatable at any one time
  • If the units lose power or begin to deflate during operation or there is any reason to stop the unit's use, the adult supervisor should immediately assist participants with safe evacuation from units.
  • Units must be secured to the ground at all times to prevent tipping or injury. At NO time should the units be removed from installed location.
  • Participants need to be kept away from the blower(s) used to inflate the units.
  • Use common sense in supervising the units. If something does not look right to you then immediately STOP the activity or occurrence.
  • Children under the age of 2 years old are not allowed to play on the inflatable
  • On slides do not allow children to congregate at the top of the slide

Operating Procedures

You will be given full operator and safety training when your inflatable is delivered and setup. We will also give you signage that should be placed on display near the inflatable entrance.


There are some requirements in order for us to safely install an inflatable:

  • Space – please check the dimensions of the inflatable you are looking to rent and ensure there is plenty of distance between the edge of the inflatable and any obstacle (such as fences, furniture, trees, etc)
  • Ensure there are no water sources in close proximity to the inflatable (pools, lakes)
  • Some of the slides are very high, ensure there are no overhead obstacles (power lines, roof overhangs, trees/branches)
  • Even surface clear of any obstacles
  • Are there any underground hazards, such as irrigation system pipes, Internet cables, power cables? The stakes are a minimum of 18 inches deep
  • Is there a GFI power outlet within 100 feet of the intended setup location

View & Download the Customer Operating & Safety Procedures

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